Friday, 3 February 2017

BARBADOS: Culinary Tourism

Chief cultural officer, Andrea Wells has applauded the developments made in culinary tourism, as local talent was on display today at the National Independence Festival of Creative Arts (NIFCA).

“Although the concept of culinary tourism is not new, in today’s market it offers new opportunities to appeal to a segment of travelers who appreciate the unique fare of a particular dimension.”

The chief cultural officer noted that a highly skilled crop of culinary talent is emerging through the contributions of Caribbean Cuizine and the LESC with the Roberts Culinary Arts Arena and Expo.

“Its developmental aspects are designed to furnish these potential culinary entrepreneurs with the desired exposure to take their craft to the next level igniting the possibilities available just beyond their kitchens to commercial enterprise and for export to the world,” she said

Acting Minister of Culture, Denis Kellman, said he too was impressed with the event.

“It shows that import substitution is very much at work in Barbados. I hope that more people will support the local produce and the local products that are being provided,” he said.

Kellman added that Barbadians should invest more in the local market, saying: “I always believe that if you want to export, you first must be able to command and take charge of your own local market.”
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