Sunday, 19 February 2017

FIJI: $2.2 billion Is Fiji Tourism Target For Tourism Industry by 2021

Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism has embarked on developing the Fiji Tourism 2021 Plan with a bold target of achieving a $2.2 billion industry by the end of 2021.

Last year, the industry recorded 754,835 visitors, $1.56 billion in visitor earnings and employed approximately 112,000 Fijians.

The Ministry is currently carrying out consultations with relevant stakeholders to achieve its target.

Some of the strategies includes an audit of the “Fiji where happiness finds you” brand to determine its relevance to the current global travel trends and its appeal to consumer needs.

The Ministry has also identified sports events as a significant contributor to visitor arrivals worldwide and will be an important driver of off-peak season arrivals.

The Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism says they will prepare a 3-5 year calendar in liaison with relevant bodies to earmark events to bid for and sporting bodies can then contest for a cost share basis between government and the industry.

This will be established using a strict criteria as a dedicated fund for the growth of existing and inception of new events.

While speaking at the opening of the Stakeholder Consultations on the Fijian Tourism 2021 Plan today, the Permanent Secretary of Industry and Trade Shaheen Ali highlight

Ali says they have received immense support from the World Bank and International Finance Corporation who have provided the Ministry technical advice over the last few months.
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