Saturday, 4 February 2017

CHINA: Chinese Kid Drowns In Spa Pool As Mother Concentrates On Her Phone

Four-year-old Chinese boy drowned in a pool at a spa while his mother looked at her smartphone only a few metres away.

A security video showed the boy, Haohao, struggled to survive in the water for three minutes before he drowned in Xianyang.

His mother, surnamed Xiao, and several other people in the same hot-spring pool all failed to notice he was drowning. His body was found submerged in the pool about an hour later.

Xiao had taken both Haohao and his six-year-old sister to the spa centre. Initially her children had been playing in the shallow children’s pool area.

However, the video footage showed that Haohao climbed over the edge of the children’s pool area and entered the 1.3-metre-deep area of pool where Xiao was standing with her back to him looking at her mobile phone.

As the boy walked towards the centre of the pool, his head suddenly dropped beneath the surface, the report said.

He then began to struggle with his arms as he tried to keep his head above the surface.

Xiao said she had been only two metres away from her son, but after several minutes, when she started to look for him, he was nowhere to be seen.

After about an hour Haohao’s body was discovered submerged in the pool by another woman using the spa.

Police have ordered the spa centre to close while an investigation is carried out.
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