Saturday, 4 February 2017

NICARAGUA: Cultural Thursday Nights At San Juan del Sur

Traditional dance and music reflect the struggles and joys of the history and culture of Nicaragua. Every Thursday night at El Timon restaurant, visitors and residents can watch a FREE show depicting the various aspects of life in Nicaragua.

From an authentic marimba band to a group of young people in full, colorful costumes, this show delights the eyes and gives a glimpse of what it means to be a Nicaraguan.

Held in the oldest restaurant in town, this show is provided by the Granja family, whose passion for preserving their culture shines in this beautifully choreographed evening, with explanations of the dances in English and Spanish. Treat yourself to a taste of tradition on Thursday nights at El Timon restaurant.

The show starts around 7:30 and lasts until 8:15; a live band continues playing Nicaraguan and Latin music for your dancing pleasure until 10:00 p.m. This evening is not to be missed!

As changes come to the town of San Juan del Sur, resulting from a great influx of tourists and foreign residents, the Granja family stands out in their quest to preserve the traditions of Nicaraguan culture and educate those who may be unfamiliar with what it means to be Nicaraguan.

You can always find a rich blend of Nicaraguan food, dance, music, culture at El Timon Restaurant, where the Granja family presides proudly over their spot, that is truly a taste of San Juan del Sur and Nicaragua.

Admission Fee (if any)
There is no admission fee to this event, though you might like to order drinks or a snack while you're there. Full dinners also available.

Ages Event is Appropriate for: This event is appropriate for all ages, and kids love it!
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