Thursday, 1 June 2017

GUATEMALA: Woman Accuses Delta Of Holding Dog Hostage

A 25-year old student in Minnesota has accused Delta Air Lines of holding her eight-month-old German Shepherd dog “hostage” for 33 hours as she tried to ship the puppy to Guatemala to live with her husband.

Mary Nguyen said Bunny was held for more than a day in the cargo hold at La Aurora International Airport in Guatemala City, where officials told her that there was a problem with the paperwork in shipping the dog.

Nguyen actually drove to neighboring Wisconsin and paid a private pet transportation firm $3,000 to ship her beloved pup, but an apparent clerical error was the culprit.

Airport officials told her the paperwork was in the online system but neither they nor Delta had a physical copy of the certifications.

That’s when Nguyen said that the dog was in a “hostage situation” after Delta refused to release Bunny from the cargo hold at the airport.

She alleges the airline then demanded another $3,000 from her husband before he could pick up the dog.

A Delta spokeswoman said, We know that pets are important members of the family and are working directly with the customer.

The Shepherd was eventually released to Nguyen’s husband.
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