Monday, 19 June 2017

THAILAND: Pregnant Woman Crushed At Airport Rail Link’s Bang Thap Chang Station

The acting managing director of SRT Electrified Train Co said the woman who was crushed to death at the Airport Rail Link’s Bang Thap Chang station on Monday had fallen onto the track too close to an oncoming train for the driver to stop in time.

Wisut Chanmanee said the woman, who was later identified as Rosarin Plianlar, 31, appeared to have fallen onto the rails just 50 metres ahead of the arriving train.

The driver pressed the emergency brake button, but did not have the required distance to stop the train in time, as the system required a distance of 100m for a train to be brought to a halt in an emergency, he added.

The woman, whom the authorities said was six-months pregnant, was a resident of Nan province.

Wisut said the State Railway of Thailand was prepared to help the family of the deceased with the funeral costs, but would have to investigate whether what had happened was an accident or a suicide.

It if was an accident, Rosarin’s family would be entitled to compensation of Bt400,000, he explained.
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