Sunday, 4 June 2017

USA: Man Denied Flight With Grand Daughter Because He Is Blind, A Liability

A legally blind man from Florida has slammed Frontier Airlines, after employees refused to let him board a plane with his young granddaughter.

A supervisor of the ticket counter questioned the ability of me taking care of my granddaughter aboard the plane since I needed help getting to the terminal, Kliphton Miller said, explaining the employee then called Frontier's head office.

Corporate said, do not let him on the plane that is an extra liability to take care of a blind person with a baby if an emergency occurs.

Kliphton said he had flown Frontier Airlines alone and with his 18-month-old granddaughter previously but for this particular flight, the gate clerks when he asked for help getting onto the aircraft.

The 44-year-old grandfather was traveling from Tampa to Las Vegas, where his granddaughter's parents live.

I was denied because I am blind, he told the Tampa Bay Times. They told me I was a liability.

Frontier has now issued an official apology for the incident, calling it a customer service failure.

We have coached airport team members and ensured compliance with Frontier policy that ensures all passengers are treated with respect, the company said in a statement, and ensures that we are sensitive to their individual travel needs.

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