Thursday, 2 February 2017

ARGENTINA: Province Of Neuquén

The province of Neuquén is 1.156 Kms far from Buenos Aires. In Mapuche language this name means “brave, impetuous, arrogant”; it defined the most remarkable characteristics of its native inhabitants.

The north of the province hosts volcanoes, thermal waters, deep valleys, curious geoforms and cave paintings, everything framed by the magnificent Winds Mountain Range. The Domuyo, the highest mount of the Patagonia, is an attraction of international hierarchy that permits to enjoy trekking and mountain activities.

Towards the eastern area is the Neuquén Basin, a worldwide recognized paleontological field where many animal and vegetation fossils were found. The capital city - also called Neuquén - is one of the most important cities in the Patagonian region. Next to the basin area is the vineyard production zone.

The third region - of exceptional beauty - is known as the Route of The Lakes, the most popular among tourists, with a wide range of options for adventure, national parks, forests and lakes, a constant contrast between greens and blues in summer, ochre colors in autumn and a white snow cloak in winter.

The fourth region is northwards with Thermal Tourism centers, perfect for hosting visitors willing to relax while they enjoy the hot waters that - since the time of the Mapuches - have been conceived as having special spiritual powers.
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