Thursday, 2 February 2017

GUYANA: Welcome to Guyana!

Whether this is your first visit or whether you are coming home, we are happy you are here! The magic that is Guyana will steal your heart, fill your senses and leave you wanting to return. From our pristine rainforests to our vast savannahs we hope that you will experience it all.

Listen to the sounds of laughter in the market and fill your eye with the colours of local fruit and vegetables freshly picked this morning. Enjoy some delicious coconut water, inhale the fragrance of our curry or taste the slow cooked spices in our traditional Pepperpot. Guyanese local cuisine is such a unique blend of all the cultures that call Guyana home. The architecture of Georgetown ranges from old wooden buildings with the most amazing fret work, to the new and modern. Guyana’s story is one of history and family. Memories of where we came from and the dreams of where we are going. If you sit with a group of Guyanese it will not be long before they ask each other “who are your parents, which house did you grow up in, were did you go to school…ahhh! I know your family!” It is a small country filled with the most loyal and devoted friends you would ever want to meet.

We hope you will visit the Hinterland of Guyana. It is made up of a series of sparsely populated settlements and Amerindian communities over a massive area of land that encompasses, mountains, rivers, rainforests and savannah in some of the most biologically diverse areas in the world. Here, many of the eco lodges are run and operated by the communities. “Community Based Tourism” allows indigenous communities to share their culture and the incredible beauty of our pristine country, while nurturing a sustainable business. Tourism in Guyana is the largest and fastest growing industry in terms of the number of people it employs. Tourism is
pride in who we are and the joy and willingness to share the warmth of our culture.

If you are a birder, Guyana is the home of more than 850 species. If you are a lover of wildlife, you will be mesmerized by the “Giants of Guyana”: the Harpy Eagle – the largest of all the eagles, the Giant River Otter, the Giant Anteater, the Jaguar – the largest of the cats, the Black Caiman – the largest member of the ‘Alligatoridae’ family and the Lau Lau – the largest fresh water fish. There is also the Victoria Amazonica – the Giant Water Lily, a sight to behold at sunset. The bud of this giant flower will open fully before your very eyes. The lily pads that surround the flower can become as large as a table which could comfortably seat 4 to 6 adults.

Guyana is a country that is rich in so many ways, a true kaleidoscope of emotions and cultures. We know you have a choice of where you travel and we are delighted that you have chosen to come to Guyana.
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