Thursday, 2 February 2017

ARGENTINA: Bird Watching At Pantagonian Forests

In the region of lakes and mountains, among millenary trees and pronounced slopes: birds that enhance the beauty of this Southern landscape.

Nature’s generosity has found in Patagonia its maximum expression. This area of lakes and mountains preserves the most varied ecosystems, achieving the perfect balance between landscape, beauty and preservation. At millenary trees and at the most pronounced hillsides, birds await the arrival of birdwatchers. In the middle of the silence, it is heard the song of the Patagonian lark, black-chinned siskin, white song thrush and rufous-collared sparrow. Herons, ruddy-headed gooses and southern flamingos live near the water. Alongside the whole region, forests, grasslands and mountains are watched by eagles and hawks. Choiques –also known as “short rheas”- run freely on the plateau. Deep forests dress in colors with the presence of burrowing parrots and Austral parakeets. Birds are surprised but they let themselves be observed. Among the environment’s diversity, they enhance the site’s beauty.,

Argentina has identified a total of 273 IBAs (Important Bird Area) that cover the 12% of the country’s total surfice.

In the province of Neuquén, there are 277 bird species (which represent 27% of the country’s total) and the following IBAs have been identified, close to Route N° 40:

> Lanín National Park
> Laguna Blanca National Park
> Tromen Provincial Reservation
> Valley of the Collón Cura River
> Copahue – Caviahue Provincial Park
> Aluminé - Moquehue
> Nahuel Huapi National Park and Reservation

In the province of Río Negro, about 290 bird species have been identified (28% of the country’s total). Close to Route N° 40, it has been possible to identify 2 IBAs:

> Nahuel Huapi National Park and Reservation
> East and South Limit Extension of Nahuel Huapi National Park.

Finally, the province of Chubut has a bird fauna that comprises almost 260 species (25% of the country’s total) The following IBAs have been identified close to Route N° 40:

> Lago Puelo-Río Turbio National Park
> Los Alerces National Park and Laguna Terraplén
> La Plata – Fontana lakes
> Aleusco Provincial Reservation

Some of the most representative species in the Patagonian lakes and mountains region are: the Patagonian lark, black-chinned siskin, white song thrush, rufous-collared sparrow, eagles and hawks in the mountains, choiques in the plateau and burrowing parrots and Austral parakeets in the forests.
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