Thursday, 2 February 2017

ARGENTINA: Tierra del Fuego

The province of Tierra del Fuego shares borders with Chile to both the West and the South and with the Atlantic Ocean to the North and to the East. It may be reached by land through the National Road N° 3 or by air, taking a flight to the “Gob. Ramón Trejo Noel” Airport in Río Grande or the

Known as the southernmost city in the world, Ushuaia is 3.171 Kms far from Buenos Aires. Tierra del Fuego - "Fireland" - is an archipelago formed by the Isla Grande and hundreds of minor islands until Cape Horn. It is the last visit before starting navigation towards The Antartida. Catamaran sails through the Beagle Channel, during which there is a chance of seeing the famous Les Éclaireurs lighthouse; an excellent gastronomy based on spider crab, shellfish and lamb; its winter center, Cerro Castor, featuring the most extended snow season (June to October); sport fishing; ecotourism at the parks and rides on the fabulous End of the World Train are just a few of the many options that turn Tierra del Fuego into an unforgettable experience.

The whole territory has permanent options to combine active tourism with nature. Tierra del Fuego National Park preserves species of sub-antartic forests, where live red foxes, guanacos, rabbits, beavers and condors. The observation of marine birds is another attraction, mainly at LaPataia Bay. Year after year, adventurers, explorers and climbers arrive from different parts of the world and they leave fascinated by the proposals that these lands offer.
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