Thursday, 2 February 2017

SOUTH AFRICA: Tourist From OR Tambo International Airport Robbed Of US $ 2,000 Near Guest House At Kempton Park

A tourist coming from OR Tambo International Airport was robbed of US$2 000 (about R26 800) outside a guesthouse in Edleen, Kempton Park, on the East Rand.

The tourist was allegedly followed from the airport to the Edleen guesthouse by four armed men, who pounced on him and the driver of the private taxi on Monday, Kempton Express reported.

The incident took place at about 7.30pm. The men were allegedly driving an old BMW 3 Series, dark or black in colour.

“The taxi had just arrived outside the guesthouse when the four men ran to the car and hit the driver of the taxi,” said the owner of the guesthouse.

When the manager of the guesthouse ran outside to help, one of the men pointed a firearm at him and told him to go back inside or he would shoot him.

“They then proceeded to take the tourist’s luggage and made off with his US$2 000.”

Although not badly injured, the driver of the taxi was left traumatised and was still shaking an hour after the incident, the owner confirmed.

The tourist’s son had been following his father in a separate vehicle, but he was not harmed or robbed.

One of the men was allegedly carrying a big gun, “like an AK-47 maybe”, the owner said.

Norkem Park police spokesperson Captain Lesibana Molokomme confirmed that an armed robbery case was being investigated.
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