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UGANDA: Visit Murchison Falls National Park, You Will Not Regret

Murchison Falls National Park (MFNP) is a national park in Uganda and managed by the Ugandan Wildlife Authority. It is in north-western Uganda, spreading inland from the shores of Lake Albert, around the Victoria Nile, up to the Karuma Falls.

Together with the adjacent 748 square kilometres (289 sq mi) Bugungu Wildlife Reserve and the 720 square kilometres (280 sq mi) Karuma Wildlife Reserve, the park forms the Murchison Falls Conservation Area (MFCA).

The park covers the Ugandan districts of Buliisa, Nwoya, Kiryandongo, and Masindi.

The driving distance from Masindi, the nearest large town, to the Kibanda area of the national park is about 72 kilometres (45 mi). This area is about 283 kilometres (176 mi), by road, north-west of Kampala, the capital and largest city of Uganda.

The coordinates of the park near the Kibanda area are 02°11'15.0"N, 31°46'53.0"E, Latitude:2.187499; Longitude:31.781400.

MFNP is Uganda's largest national park. It measures approximately 3,893 square kilometres (1,503 sq mi).

The park is bisected by the Victoria Nile from east to west for a distance of about 115 kilometres (71 mi).

The park is the location of the Murchison Falls, where the waters of the Nile flow through a narrow gorge only 7 metres (23 ft) wide before plunging 43 metres (141 ft).

Also in the park, adjacent to the Masindi-Gulu Highway, are the Karuma Falls, the location of the 600 megawatt Karuma Power Station, which will be Uganda's largest power station when it comes online circa 2018.

The explorers John Speke and James Grant were the first Europeans to visit the present day MFCA in 1862.

It was more thoroughly explored by Samuel and Florence Baker in 1863-4. Baker named the falls Murchison Falls after the geologist Roderick Murchison, then the president of the Royal Geographical Society.

Between 1907 and 1912, the inhabitants of an area of about 13,000 square kilometres (5,000 sq mi) were evacuated due to sleeping sickness spread by tse-tse flies. In 1910, the Bunyoro Game Reserve was created south of the River Nile.

That area roughly corresponds to the part of the MFNP that is in the districts of Buliisa, Masindi, and Kiryandongo. In 1928, the boundaries were extended north of the river into the modern-day Nwoya District.

In 1952, the British administration established the National Parks Act of Uganda. The area described above became Murchison Falls National Park.

MFCA and the adjacent Bugondo Forest Reserve have 76 species of mammals as well as Uganda's largest population of crocodiles.

450 bird species are present ranging from easy variety of waterbirds, including the rare shoe-billed stork, Bugondo's 59 restricted range species, dwarf kingfisher, Goliath heron, white-thighed hornbill and great blue turaco.

Murchison Falls Conservation Area ( MFCA ) comprises of Murchison Falls National Park, Bugungu and Karuma Falls Wildlife Reserves.

This is where the Nile explodes through a narrow gorge and cascades down to become a placid river whose banks are thronged with hippos and crocodiles, waterbucks and buffaloes.

The vegetation is characterised by savannah, riverine forest and woodland. Wildlife includes lions, leopards, elephants, giraffes, hartebeests, oribis, Uganda kobs, chimpanzees, and many bird species.

The Murchison Falls, also referred to as the Kabalega Falls, is a waterfall found on the course of the great Nile.

It actually breaks the stunning Victoria Nile, that flows across Uganda’s northern region from the vast Lake Victoria to the deep Lake Kyoga and continuing to the northern tip of Lake Albert within the western arm of the great East African Rift.

Right on the peak of the Murchison Falls, the waters of the Nile force their way through a small slit within the rocks, which is just 7 meters or 23 feet wide, and topples to 43 meters or 141 feet below with a thunderous roar forming a residual water stray that forms a beautiful rainbow.

The view is very breathtaking. From here it then continues its westward into the stunning Lake Albert.

The Lake Victoria outlet sends about 300 cubic meters per second or 11,000 ft³/s of water to these falls and all this volumes squeezed through this gorge that is actually less than 10 meters or 30 feet wide.

These waterfalls are located within the Murchison National park which was actually named after these eye- catching waterfalls. The park is located in the northern region of the Albertine Rift Valley.

This is the area where the huge Bunyoro escarpment joins together into the vast Acholi plains. The park is recognized as one of the best National parks in Uganda and as well it is well visited. When you visit Uganda, MFNP is a must go for Uganda safaris.

In 1926, the park was a game reserve established to shelter the savannah grassland which was pointed out by Winston Church chill in the year 1907 as the grand Kew Gardens together with the wildlife combined on an confined land.

Most of the visitors to this great park often come from various destinations to trek the gorillas within this very country but in another park called Bwindi.

Murchison Falls National Park is featured in African Tour Safaris, CNN, Huffington Post, Newyork Times and so much.

How To Get To Murchison Falls National Park

Means of road will take you around 5 hours from Kampala with about 305 km.Paara covers a distance of about 85km from Masindi town by the shortest route.

A direct or longer route will cover an area of about 135km.Alternatively one may decide to take on the Budongo forest route that will provide magnificent views overlooking Lake Albert from the direct position of the rift valley escarpment over Butiaba.

You can also access Paara from the north through Chobe Gate, Karuma Falls along with Tangi.

The Gate that is close to Pakwach covers an area of about 25km2 to paara in addition to Wankwar Gate close to Purongo.

People with Vehicles or public means will definitely go through the Nile at paara.It has a fixed time from 07.00 and 19.00.Besides road,

Murchison can be accessed by air. Pakuba is the landing site for the charter flights and this takes about 19kms from paraa and Bugungu covers an area of 13kms from Paraa.

Attractions In Murchison National Park Uganda

When the park was established in 1952, the Game Department enthused, The main tourist attractions of this park was definitely the unique Murchison Falls as well as the River Nile with its streaming hippo and serried ranges of crocodile along the sandbanks.

As well as large numbers of different species getting down to drink & bathe.

Presently the spotlight of a visit to Murchison is the launch trip up the stream to observe the Falls and riverbank wildlife. The launch starts at 09.00 and 14.00 every day.

The round trip takes 3 hrs. Another boat trip goes downstream from Paraa down to the papyrus delta at the point were the river enters into Lake Albert. This 4-5 hr return adventure provides a good chance of discovering the shoebill stork and different varieties of Uganda safari wildlife.

The Nile below Murchison Falls offers exciting challenges to anglers coupled with a chance to land a huge Nile Perch, the record is 108kg.

Fishing is prohibited to designated sites & places are limited so advance booking is recommended. A number of boats could be hired for sportfishing by prior booking. Do carry your own fishing equipment.

The most spectacular view of the waterfall is on the top of where the sight & sound of the Nile crashing through, wide chasm make a memorable assault on the senses site,can be reached either by car / a 30 minutes climb, leaving the Paraa launch.

Good places to visit

- Paraa

- Budongo Forest

- Karuma Falls

- The Nile

- Rabongo forest

- Kaniyo Pabidi forest

Trails through Kaniyo Pabidi forest for 8 kilometer inside Kichumbar Gate, offer the opportunity to track chimpanzee and primates below Uganda’s largest left mahogany.

Birdwatching is excellent with the opportunity of sighting rarities while the yellow-footed flycatcher, white thi hornbill and Ituri batis. Nature walks are as well offered up at Rabongo forest.

Buligi area - The park’s superior savanna game viewing aspect, this grassland wilderness is located between the Victoric Albert Niles with excellent views towards the western rift valley beyond Lake Albert in the DRC.

A drive from Paraa passing Delta Point takes 3 to 4 hours. Morning & late afternoon are the best times for sight game drives. A ranger guide from UWA is recommended to help you in most of your game drive.

Flora and Fauna - The park is subjugated by woodland, wetland, savannah as well as tropical forest that is well known to be a habitant for over 76 mammal species and over 450 different bird species.

Among the big mammals include hippo, Rothschild’s giraffe,warthlog,cape buffalo, Uganda kob,hartebeest and elephants.

The Nile corridor of the Murchison has a big collection of water birds such as rare shoebill stork and also has a large concentration of Nile crocodile. Kaniyo Pabidi forest is a home to primates, chimpanzees and over 360 species of different birds.

Game drives in Murchison Falls National Park
Murchison falls is a home to different wildlife species; over 76 mammal and 451 bird species including the Buffaloes, Jackson hartebeests, Antelopes, Lions, Kobs, Giraffes, Hyenas, Bushbucks, and Warthogs among others.

They are widely spread all over the Savannah grasslands, grazing or hunting for prey. This makes the park’s landscape so amazing for game viewing/game driving.

Murchison Falls National Park is positioned in the Northwestern part of Uganda and covers an area of 3,840sq km, about 5-6hours drive from Kampala.

It is the country’s oldest and largest national park and hence you can spot the Big 4, leaving out the Rhinos got extinct by 1983; good news is that they were re-introduced in Ziwa Rhino sanctuary by 2005.

The park is also bisected by the renowned River Nile into two parts such as the Northern bank and the Southern bank and Game drives are best done the Northern bank since that’s where you can find a large concentration of wildlife in the Savannah plains.

Whereas the Southern bank a lesser number of antelope herds and other few animals.

There is nothing as thrilling as watching predators such as lions make moves on their prey, it’s an amazing experience since most antelopes are hunted down and killed without noticing.

All this is best observed during the dry season where the grass is short so game viewing is at its best.

Game drives are an all year round activity though during the rainy season the grass is a bit tall hence give challenge especially during game viewing since some animals might be missed out.

There are different tracks followed while on a game drive such as; Albert, Victoria and Buligi tracks.

Taking all these tracks while on the game drive gives you a totally different experience since each is endowed with various eco-systems. The Buligi is a 7km track north of Paraa and is among the most commonly used tracks for game viewing.

Areas like Nyamsika gorge is home to a big number of water animals which come to get water and Nyamsika cliffs have a higher concentration of buffaloes, lions as well as different birds like the Egyptian plover and the bee-eaters.

There is room for morning and evening game drives in the park. However game viewing can best be done in the morning from 6:30 am, and if at all you slept in a lodge at the southern bank, you are required to cross the river at the ferry at around 7:00am.

There is also another choice of going for an evening game drive that starts around 4:00pm local time and takes between 3 to 4hours.

All these Uganda safaris game drives can be done only on the Northern bank which is covered with savannah; hence tourists can view game very well. For a thorough game drive within the park approximately 5 hours can be enough.

Different vehicles can be used, comfortable, spacious with a pop-up roof in order to view well wildlife and take clear photos. A 4X4 vehicle is advised; this can be a Van, small or an extended land cruiser.

Also other cars can be used such as coasters for bigger groups, saloon cars among others. In the park one can do a self-drive though it’s important to have an armed park ranger guide with you. In addition, park rules are to be followed during game drives.
Game drives in Murchison falls national park live you with an unforgettable memories even when you are back home.

Nile Cruise In Uganda, Murchison Falls

River Nile is famous to as the longest river in the entire world with its source beginning in Jinja found in Uganda. Its name was derived from a Greek word ‘Nile’ for ‘valley’.

The river begins from the North-eastern section of Africa and flows to the nearby areas adjacent to the equator continuing to the Safari desert until it finally pours into the Mediterranean Sea.

The Nile is approximately 6696 km long flowing through 9 countries (Uganda, Sudan, Ethiopia Burundi, Tanzania, Rwanda, Egypt,Kenya) although most concentration is focused on Uganda and Egypt.

This well-known river has 2 major twigs, the blue Nile which joins in Khartoum and forms the central part of the Nile that comprises of Cataract Nile and the Egyptian Nile, and the white Nile which is the longest and separates into 3 parts; the lake plateau area, The sudd and the central Sudan area.

The Nile has played a great role in the modernization of several countries such as Uganda plus Egypt. Because of its fascinating history, many people have visited Uganda.

The Nile offers power to Uganda as a form of hydro electricity, the Nile has the Owen Falls Dam where hydro electricity is generated plus another dam constructed almost to completion, which the people use to run their day to day activities as well as run the economy.

The Nile’s banks are very fertile and suitable for agriculture as well as offer water for domestic use. The Nile in addition is a source of life to various animals that come to drink its waters like crocodiles, hippos, buffaloes among many others.

Many tourist activities such as white water rafting, boat rides, bungee jumping, fishing and Kayaking are done on the Nile. These have drawn big numbers of foreign tourists to visit Uganda hence enabling them explore Uganda – the peal of Africa.

The perfect way to get a closer feel of the great Nile is by joining in on a Nile cruise, which will help you unveil the hidden beauty of the country. As you organize a tour to Uganda, the Nile should be among the must-visit places before you return home.

Reserving a safari along the River Nile offers you the various activities such as Bungee jump. A small number of kilometers away, is Bujagali Falls, a capital for adventurers with Grade Five white-water rafting, mountain-biking, kayaking, as well as river boarding.

These exciting activities present an exceptional opportunity to explore the banks of the river, going though farms, villages plus forests beside the River Nile.

Along the course of the Nile is Lake Kyoga which feeds the Nile with fresh water. From here it flows on through the stunning Murchison Falls National Park, and there it pours its millions of liters through a small 7 meter gorge dropping below to 43 meters hence forming the breathtaking Murchison falls.

Activities like spot fishing, scenic viewing plus game drives can be enjoyed on a safari in this area to offer you a thrilling experience.

The Murchison Falls National Park derived its name from the Murchison falls and it offers boat trips to the bottom of the falls with en-route sights of hippos, buffaloes, crocodiles and various bird species.

In addition this park organizes enjoyable nature walks to the peak of the falls which are also very rewarding.

From here, the Nile flows on through Lake Albert on through northern Uganda, to Sudan all the way through to Egypt where it pours it volumes into the Mediterranean Sea.

Hot Air Balloon Tour of Murchison falls park

Balloon safaris in Uganda are a not so-common activity that has recently been introduced by the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA).

Hot air ballooning can only be found at the Murchison Falls National Park and the Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda and are handled by the Dream Balloons who were registered and certified fully in 2011 by the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority.

The National Environment Management Authority, the Uganda Wildlife Authority and the Uganda Communications Commission before they could to run this particular activity in Uganda’s National Parks.

Its pilots also have to go through the Ugandan and Egyptian Aviation Authorities for certification before they are accepted to operate these balloons.

Something to note about these balloons is that its size does not matter mainly because the more it is filled up with air, the more the weight it can carry.

However for now only 8 passengers are permitted to fly up in the balloon. Excluded are the little children of the age of 6 and below because the Hot air balloon goes as high as 10000 ft. above sea level which might leave them uneasy.

If one is to opt for a safari at the Murchison Falls, then Hot air ballooning is one of the things you should not miss out on.

The Murchison Falls National Park is said to be the largest protected area that has so much to see when it comes to nature and all that which is around it, that’s to say all kinds of wildlife can be seen in this area not forgetting the famous River Nile.

You are taken to the launch site for the hot air balloons somewhere near the Paraa Lodge which is the Wildlife side of the park.

While here, you will be able to watch them do last minute preparations like pumping air into the balloon before you could soar high during the morning sunrise then given a brief on the safety precautions, rules and regulations as you get ready to hop aboard the balloon.

When up there, you will be able to have a great view of the Savannah below you teaming with all kinds of wildlife. Most of this happens above the treetops to make it much easy for you to see the majority of the wildlife.

After you are through with your hot air balloon tour, you are handed certificates that show your participation in the above activity and then later, you finish off with a special bush breakfast and a bottle of Champagne all organized and provided by the commis chefs from the Paraa Lodge.

Thereafter carry on your morning with a game drive around the park and them return to your place of accommodation. There is also a sunset balloon flight that starts exactly at 4pm however, this one does not come with any special offers like the bush meals after the ride.

Hot air ballooning is the kind of activity perfect for those on honeymoon, the adrenaline junkies and those seeking a once in a lifetime adventure.

The scenes up there are spectacular and the air fresh and soothing. This for you will be an experience made of thousands of memories you will reminisce every time you think about your Safari in Uganda.

Hot Air Ballooning at the Murchison Falls National Park comes along with these features; the general scenic view of the Murchison Falls Park, the Off-road animals hidden somewhere, the Lake Albert and Victoria Nile views.

The bush breakfast experience in the wild, the pickups from the different destinations, the participation certificates, crossings by ferry and the ride on the hot air balloon that lasts an hour among many others.

This particular activity –the hot air balloon safari goes for $380 per person. This cost includes the bush breakfast in the wild.


Day 1:

You are picked up from the airport and then transferred to the Murchison Falls National Park. On this day, you have a few options tabled up for you should you consider doing something else on this day.

They include visiting the Zziwa Rhino Sanctuary and making a few stopovers to buy souvenirs after which you are taken to your place of accommodation for rest.

Accomodation at one of the good game lodges.

Day 2:

Wake up early in the morning for your hot air balloon ride and after you are through, enjoy a delicious bush breakfast in the wild. Later on you can opt for a game drive around the park and or enjoy the afternoon boat cruise at the base of the falls.

Day 3:

You are transferred to Kampala and thereafter taken to the Entebbe International Airport to catch your departure flight.

Karuma Falls

These roaring waterfalls found on the beautiful Victoria Nile are among the most impressive and leading tourist attractions in Uganda.

Locally called the Karuma Falls, the name was derived from a notion that Karuma, a great spirit, positioned the stones which break the waters of the river.

The stunning Karuma Falls are located on the eastern border of the Murchison Fall National Park which is the largest reserve in Uganda, and just an hour drive from the district of Gulu in north-western Uganda.

The land of the park around these falls pride in a broad diversity of birds, buffaloes, antelopes, monkeys, Uganda safari lions, baboons, elephants, leopards, Uganda Kobs, Hartebeest as well as giraffes.

The Karuma Falls comprise of a sequence of natural good locking rock formations all the way at the base of the Victoria Nile, within this place, and these result into the waters of the great River Nile to ripple, offering the Nile an appearance of stunning white foam.

The falls are situated at the place where the main road of Masindi-Gulu crosses the great river Nile, about 110 km northeast of the town of Masindi and only 70 km south of the town of Gulu.

These 2 districts are connected by the Karuma Bridge, constructed in 1963 to assist cotton farmers within the west Nile.

This bridge crosses the huge waterfall whereas the sprays of water of the white water move towards Southern Sudan in the northern part of Uganda.

This traditionally falls, in a supposed that the explorer John Speke moved past it during his search for the source of the great river Nile, and so it is among the significant landmarks in Uganda.

The Karuma falls are habitat to the Karuma Power Station, which is a 750 Megawatts hydropower development that was implemented by the government of Uganda in partnership with its other foreign partners.

Getting to the Karuma Falls:

Traveling from the capital city Kampala, board buses heading to Gulu. These can be found from the Baganda Bus Station as well as the bus terminal at Nakivubo.

On the other hand, arrange private transport through any of the tour operator found in the capital city – Kampala or directly contact the lodge where you will be residing while at Murchison falls, to organize a trip to the splendid Karuma falls.

Accommodation For Karuma Falls Visitors

There are upmarket as well as budget accommodation offered just within the Murchison Falls National Park. Among the Budget accommodation here are: Red chilli Rest Camp for camping and Karuma Falls Campsite along Gulu Road.

Fishing Safaris at Murchison Falls National Park
Fishing in Murchison falls is done mainly as a sport and is among the main activities along the Nile. It involves catching fish by casting lures; this method is used for catching larger fish species like the Nile perch and some cat fish.

There other method used for catching fish is the use of live bait like worms, termites to catch smaller fish species like the Tiger fish, also you can catch them using the spinning method.

Murchison falls is among the leading parks where sport fishing is conducted. Fishing is mainly done along the Victoria Nile which involves catching fish along rocky surfaces, the bottom of the falls mainly the Devil’s Cauldron, and at the banks of the Nile by the anglers.

Fishing along the Nile is an exciting experience though you are advised to take caution of the Hippos and Nile crocodiles especially while fishing at the River banks.

There are two major fishing sites in Murchison; one near Paraa located below the Murchison falls and another below Karuma falls at Chobe safari lodge.

Sport fishing in the park is currently carried out mainly at the base of the falls either from the boat down the stream or from the rocks on the River bank.

Accessing the fishing spots can either be by boat or by walking down from the top of the falls to the gorge which can take 45 minutes for a physically fit person. With this you are recommended to move well equipped with your fishing equipment.

As you enjoy catching fish there is always a chance to land on a huge catch; in terms of length, weight and girth. In fact record has it that the heaviest fish caught was 113kg and this was a Nile Perch.

Murchison Falls National Park is found in the Northwest of Uganda approximately a 6hours drive from Kampala, looking at the traffic in Kampala and a few tarred roads that lead to the park.

Note that the roads in the park are dirt, hence advised to drive in a 4 x 4 vehicle; spacious and comfortable for you and also with room for your fishing equipment.

You could also take a flight to the park chartered from the Entebbe airport or Kajjansi airstrip since the park has airfields like Pakuba airfield. This makes the distance shorter.

Fishing in Murchison can be done anytime of the year and the large catfish and Nile perch can be caught all through. Anglers say that best catches are seen early in the morning and late in the day.

Though best results of fish are when the water level is low since water is clearer, i.e from Mid-January to Early-April. Also it is said that fish feed more when weather conditions vary dramatically especially at the start of the rainstorms.

As you catch fish you are also surrounded with great sceneries the landscape and also wildlife such as hippos, crocodiles, elephants, waterbucks as well as beautiful birds.You are advised to carry enough sun protection equipment since the temperature can rise over 40°C.

Also wear long socks, long sleeved trousers and insect repellents that can be used just in case of tsetse fly bites.Sport fishing requires expertise;therefore you need assistance from our experienced and skilled fishing guides.

As earlier mentioned that you need to carry your fishing equipment and keep in mind all fish caught is not killed it’s laid back in the water alive.

Methods are by casting lures, spinning and catching fish on live bait and fish species caught include; Nile perch, Catfish, Tiger fish among others.

All anglers are advised to have rods that are between 8 feet and 11 feet with a multiplier reel. While catching smaller species; a 7’ spinning rod is recommended.

3 Days Fishing Safari-Murchison Falls National Park

This 3 days fishing safari will start from and end in Kampala, it involves a visit to Uganda’s oldest and largest national park -Murchison Falls National Park.

It is home to over 76 mammal species, 451 bird species, fish species, and the mighty Murchison falls that have their way through an 8 meter wide gorge falling from a 45m high rift valley wall.

Fishing will be the main activity, though you could have other activities like Game drives and Hiking to the top of the magnificent falls. A 4×4 vehicle will be used such that there is room for packing fishing equipment. Expect to have a catch of over 50kg.


Day 1: Kampala to Murchison

After breakfast, your driver will pick you up from Kampala and start off the 6hours drive to Murchison falls through amazing landscapes. Have lunch in Masindi and continue to the park.

Upon arrival, head to the base of the falls and enjoy fishing the whole afternoon- this takes around 3 hours. You will be over joyed with the big catch of the Nile perch in the dramatic pools at the base of the falls. After head to the lodge, have dinner and an overnight.

Accommodation Options; Paraa safari lodge(Upmarket), Murchison River lodge(Moderate), Red Chilli camp(Budget)

Journey time; 6 hours

Meal Plan; Full Board

Day 2: Fishing- Murchison Falls

After a tasty breakfast, go fishing by boatalong the Nile River at the base of the magnificent Murchison falls, here you can catch Nile perch, catfish among other species.

On this day you will spend the whole day catching fish or do it half day and go for a hike to the top of the mighty falls; this is a memorable experience.

While on this boat you will also enjoy viewing the vegetation and wildlife found in the park such as the hippos, elephants, buffaloes, Nile crocodiles, birds among others.

Accommodation Options; Paraa safari lodge(Upmarket), Murchison River lodge(Moderate), Red Chilli Camp(Budget)

Meal Plan; Full Board

Day 3: Game drive and head back to Kampala

Have breakfast, after go for a game drive through the park where you will have chance to see a number of animals like lions, buffaloes, antelopes, waterbucks, warthogs, elephants among others.

After the game drive, proceed to Kampala with lunch along the way arriving in the late afternoon. If your flight is on that same day, you will be transferred to the airport in Entebbe.

Inclusions; Park entry, boat cruise, ranger guide, sport fishing permit, transport, accommodation, all en route meals.

Tour Exclusions; Visa, international flight, personal expenses like tips, souvenirs, beers, laundry, cigars and any optional activity.

Hiking and Nature walk safaris in Murchison Falls

Positioned in Northwestern Uganda covering an area of 3,840sq km, Murchison falls has varied sceneries and vast landscapes starting from the savannah plains, to the swamps, to the forests, the amazing wildlife, awesome culture and lastly the eye-catching magnificent falls on the Victoria Nile.

The park harbors a lot of wildlife such as warthogs, buffaloes, antelopes, Jackson’s hartebeests, lions, elephants among others. Plant species like the whistling acacia, sausage trees, bird species, butterflies, and many more.

Most attractions in the park and around the conservation areas can be best explored on foot, where different trails can be followed; but note that only trails permitted are the ones to follow such as to the top of the falls, Rabongo forest and Kaniy Pabidi.

Nature lovers and birders will enjoy hiking and nature walks in Murchison falls, as they walk through low hills, gullies, riverine forests where a lot of flora and fauna will be seen at a close range.

Tourists can hike to the top of the magnificent Murchison falls; this is joined with a boat cruise on the Nile to the base of the falls. The boat leaves you at the base and you head for a 45 minute guided hike for physically fit person.

While on this hike you will have a great time watching rolling hills, vegetation types, birds, and you will keep hearing the thunderous roars of the falls.

When you are at the top it’s a great time to watch the Nile make its way through rocks 8 m wide hence forming a 45m fall as it falls down to continue with its course.

Kaniyo Pabidi walkhike and nature walk, this is an area of Natural forest in the Budongo forest located about 8km from Kichumbanyobo gate along Paraa road in Masindi.

It is a great place for hikes and nature walks and mainly chimpanzee tracking is done here. Also other things to see are the big ironwood and Mahogany trees, birds can be spotted such as the Hornbills, Chocolate backed Kingfishers among others.

While here there are no worries since there is a camp site equipped with firewood and water.

Rabongo Forest,is located in the southeast of the conservation area and approximately a 1 hour and 30 minutes drive from Paraa. It is a great place for hiking and nature walks together with primate trekking.

This area is encompassed with savannah grasslands and also here you find good forest cottages and a campsite.

During your walk you can spot beautiful birds, medicinal trees/plants, primates like vervet monkeys, black and white colobus, baboons, red-tailed monkeys, chimpanzees among others.

There is also a 2 to 4 hour guided swamp walk to the Nile delta; it gives you opportunity to see various ecosystems and also the rare shoebill stork, especially if the water table is low.

Also those who spend a night at Sambiya river lodge can take a 2 hours walk from the lodge on the southern bank and enjoy the walk or walk along the Northern side of the park via Emmy River.

Every walk lasts between 1 hour and 2 hours.

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