Thursday, 8 December 2016

GHANA: Labadi Beach Hotel Lights Huge Christmas Tree

Labadi Beach Hotel has lighted a gigantic Christmas tree to usher in the yuletide.

The event is the first of many activities and packages the hotel is having for its guests and patrons this Christmas season. At the brief yet auspicious ceremony, patrons were serenaded to nostalgic and exciting Christmas carols and renditions of popular songs by the evergreen Winneba Youth Choir.

Assistant House Manager of the hotel, Irene Ofori-Teiko said, ‘’the lighting of the Christmas tree is the first that we are organizing and is to usher in the Christmas festivities, We have a whole line of programs in place and this is the beginning of one of it, lighting the Christmas tree.’’

She said they were motivated by the desire to spread love and cheer as the spirit of the season calls for it.

‘’We realized that this season comes with joy and so when you look around, you would see that everyone is in expectation and those of us at Labadi Beach Hotel did not want to be left out. And so we decided that this year we are going to do something to bring about some cheer, some hope in the lives of our cherished customers and those who are staying with us,’’ she stated.

Other packages on offer include a Christmas Day Lunch which comes off on 25th December from 12:30pm to 3p for a cool Ghc380 for adults and children below 12 years get to pay half the price and will also feature the Winneba Youth Choir.

Regarding the upcoming elections, the Assistant House Manager has this message for Ghanaians, ‘’my message and especially for this season, as we are about nearing the Election Day, we ask for peace. Peace is not the absence of war, peace is when you move about freely and things are working for you.

Peace is even when you don’t have anything, you have some inner joy and you are able to sleep well and get up the next day to go about your daily chores. And this season, it’s about hope, it’s about love, it’s about peace, it’s about sharing and so we all go out, be the peace loving Ghanaians that the world has known us to be. Elections will come and go but Ghana will stand forever and ever.
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