Friday 23 December 2016

RWANDA: Lion Found Dead In Akagera National Park.

One of the seven lions that were in 2015 translocated to the Akagera National Park from South Africa has been found dead.

Garuka is thought to have died of injuries sustained while attempting a kill following reports that her collar stopped emitting a satellite signal about a year ago.

“Rangers would regularly track her in the field, using the VHF transmitter, however, we were unable to follow her movements as closely as the others who continue to emit a satellite signal every eight hours,” Akagera National Park said in a facebook post.

“Rangers tracking Garuka last week came across her collar and remains. Garuka was in good condition last time she was seen by park rangers. There were no signs of illegal activity in the area and since she was hunting alone we suspect that she may have died of injuries sustained while attempting a kill.”

But it’s not all doom and gloom. On the heels of Garuka’s death, Akagera National Park has reported a boost for these endangered species as one of the lionesses has given birth to two cubs.
“We are pleased to share that rangers tracking Amahoro were able to confirm what we had been suspecting; she has given birth to two cubs! This is Amahoro’s first litter and the cubs are estimated to be around two months old,” park management said in a facebook post.

“Shema and her three seven-month-old cubs are doing well and sisters Umwari and Kazi have been seen with their four cubs by tourists for the first time recently. The sad loss of Garuka, and the addition of Amahoro’s cubs brings the number of lions in Akagera to 15,” Akagera National Park said.

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