Tuesday 27 December 2016

USA: Tourism & Travel Directories In The USA

There is a new way for small and mid-sized travel businesses to find new customers. Many of them are now using an online business directory. It's a new way, but a smart move, for various reasons. In fact, sometimes, you will find big businesses too using this new method.

These are websites too, but with a critical difference. These websites allow businesses to submit their details, and these details are then published in the right category. A good online directory such as Biphoo.com will have several categories such as travel, health, real estate, food, legal, finance, clothing, entertainment, and many more.

Many customers are visiting these directories because they can find many businesses at the same place, which means there is no need to keep browsing the internet to find and compare each website. A good local business directory such as Biphoo will list many businesses in each category. Search engine robots too visit these directories, meaning your website is likely to achieve good ranks if you are enlisted in the directory.

For a tour and travel business, a travel business directory offers perhaps the easiest and cheapest marketing to reach out to customers, and even other travel businesses with whom a business association can be established.

Take Biphoo.com, for instance. It's a global directory where you will find businesses registered from around the world, including the United States and other countries. The tour and travel category of Biphoo is very active too. It covers flights, hotels, car hires, cruises, and even lists websites that run bus tours and allow bus ticket bookings.

The websites have been listed accurately. So it's easy for people to find the right firm, after going through the list of travel companies. Search is quick and easy.

There is a Featured Place segment where you can read interesting articles and travelogues. Many readers come to the site just to go through these stories, and end up visiting the websites that are listed in the directory. Plus, there is also the Recent News section where readers can learn the latest news from popular travel destinations and attractions. Of course, you can search to find flights at Biphoo as well.

Tourism agencies in the United States and elsewhere in the world can register at the Biphoo travel business directory today and get listed at the right category. Promotion is guaranteed. Customers can come in from all around the world. Travel businesses from other countries too can register here to find customers, and work with tour and travel companies from the US.

Basic listing at the Biphoo local business directory is free. There is a paid listing service as well that works even better for businesses. Choose whichever fits your need the best, select the right category, and get your travel business listed at Biphoo. There are simply too many benefits in joining this online directory. You can get started today. Yes, there are other directories too, but Biphoo is among the best ones you can find.

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