Wednesday 14 December 2016

UGANDA: Kengere Sips & Bites, The Place You Should Not Miss In Mbale City

Watch the sun go down with your favourite drink and bite in a relaxed atmosphere.

The perfect place to relax with friends, family and colleagues whilst enjoying entertainment from Monday to Sunday evenings.

Kengere Sips & Bites offers a casual and relaxed dining experience and enjoys fabulous sweeping views of Wanale mountain range framed by the natural beauty of the indigenous flora.

Proven to be extremely popular with locals as well as guests, we offer a fully stocked bar featuring many different cocktails, wines and spirits.

Our professional bar tenders are on hand to take your order and will even create a cocktail using your favourite ingredients!

Kengere Sips & Bites is also a great spot to enjoy Tea or Coffee in the gardens, a delicious afternoon tea or coffee with all the accompaniments including carefully well prepared Katogo, Chapatti, Sandwiches and a selection of the best teas and coffee. It's regarded as corporate and something of an institution by the locals.

Kengere Sips & Bites goal is to create lasting memories. Engaging all the senses is what creates truly special memories that you will cherish forever.

The flexible menu, available 24 hours a day, means you can enjoy a California styled menu at any hour, including a breakfast if you are still functioning in a different time zone.

Enjoy anything from tasty salads and sandwiches to the most honest hamburger in Mbale City or a piece of grilled fish caught fresh on the day.

We offer an extensive menu of fresh fruit salads and cocktail juices.

While in Mbale City, do not miss to visit us.

Kengere Sips & Bites is situated in the upmarket half London suburb of Mbale City our address as below:


Half London, 

University Lane, 

Mbale City, 


TEL: 0794157622, 0774157622, 0754157622



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