Friday, 2 December 2016

High Speed Ferry Cruising Between Tallinn And Helsinki

January 29, 2017 marks the day that Tallink’s new flagship Tallink Shuttle Megastar will start operating on the Tallinn-Helsinki route. In addition to Finnish engineers, Tallink’s customers were also involved in the creation process of this 212-metre vessel as Tallink took into account the experiences and feedback of their customers when constructing the ferry.

For example, Tallink’s customers have asked for more seats and space. As a result, the new ferry has 40% more room for passengers, of whom the ferry can fit 2800. The ferry also includes a completely new feature in the form of a 300-seat lounge area where passengers can recharge their phones and other devices. Following customers’ requests, these kind of recharge points have been added to all resting and eating areas.

The new Megastar has seven different cafés and restaurants offering dining options ranging from fast food to an à la carte menu. As a minor, yet notable remark, it should be brought out that disposable tableware will only be used in the fast food restaurant.

One of the most remarkable changes is the fact that a new passenger terminal 2 will be opened in Helsinki West Harbour in the beginning of 2017, significantly shortening the walking distance between the terminal and ships.

The Tallinn-Helsinki route continues to be AS Tallink Grupp’s most popular with at least three operating vessels transporting over 4.5 million passengers annually across the Gulf of Finland.
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