Monday, 12 December 2016

EGYPT: Private Zoo Home For Wild Animals

On the outskirts of Egypt’s capital Cairo, Salah Tolba operates a small zoo.

The zoo is home to several wild animals ranging from monkeys to wild cats and reptiles.

Opened to the public four years ago, the Africano Tolba was born out of a family tradition of collecting wild animals.

“I created this small zoo of 1,500 metres to try to show the Egyptian people and some Arab and European people that we know how to respect animals. We raise animals, we breed them here,” Tolba said.

“We are showing people that we are the number one caretakers of animals around the world and not the third as we were voted,” he added.

At the zoo, children often have the chance to feed and handle the exotic animals.

“There are 36 types of snakes in Egypt. Seven are poisonous and 29 are non-poisonous. The poisonous snakes do not go into homes. If someone ever finds a snake in their home then they should know that it is not poisonous,” said Tolba.

Since its inception, Tolba says the zoo attracts hundreds of visitors each month.

A ticket to this private zoo costs 5 Egyptian pounds which is less than a dollar.
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