Saturday, 10 December 2016

MALAYSIA: Bukit Keteri The Place For Extreme Sports

The tourism sector in the state has grown thanks to the spectacular natural and unique structure of its limestone caves.

Perlis Tourism Malaysia director Razaidi Abd Rahim said that the agency was now actively promoting ano­ther tourist destination, namely Bukit Keteri near Chuping, as the place for extreme sports.

“We are offering various packa­ges based on the eco-tourism concept to pull in tourists.

“Besides preserving our natural beauty, we want Perlis to be a destination of choice for those who prefer an ambience far from the bustle of the city, and for hiking,” he said.

Razaidi had earlier attended a limestone cave climbing demonstration for six media practitioners at Bukit Keteri on Sunday.

According to Razaidi, Bukit Keteri offers a breathtaking panorama, particularly during sunset.

It has also become a preferred destination for hikers locally and abroad as it boasts one of the most difficult hiking trails in Asia, he added.

Guided by five members of the Perlis Climbers Club, the media practitioners who took part in the event, were taken through several hiking trails out of a total of 54 trails.
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