Sunday, 6 May 2018

CHINA: Two Men Force To Join Tourist BBQ In Hainan Injuring Chinese Tourist

Two Chinese men have been arrested over a brawl during a beach barbecue that left one tourist injured on the popular resort island of Hainan.

Sichuan visitors said the pair tried to crash their party and threw sand on the food before the fight broke out.

Police said they arrested one of the suspects, identified only by his surname Fu, in the southern town of Sanya on Wednesday evening, hours after the fight broke out on a beach there.

Another 28-year-old suspect, whose name was given as Chen, turned himself in to police on Saturday afternoon, accompanied by his family.

The pair were charged with picking quarrels and provoking trouble, police said, without elaborating.

Both of the men are believed to be from Sanya.

Video footage of the incident has been widely circulated online since Wednesday.

It shows two men attempting to crash a beach barbecue of six tourists from Sichuan province before a fight breaks out.

The two men tried to crash the tourists’ barbecue, according to one of the group.

One of the Sichuan tourists said that the two bare-chested men had demanded to join their gathering and share the food.

The tourists said no, and the two men then became aggressive and threw sand on the food before the confrontation escalated into a physical fight.

One of the tourists sustained a head injury but it was not serious, and the two men left before the police turned up, the report said.

Fu told police that he and Chen had been drinking wine before they approached the group and they became angry when they were rejected.

Police said the two men could face criminal punishment and that they were still investigating the case.

More than 20 million tourists visit tropical Hainan and its palm-fringed beaches every year, according to official figures, many of them from mainland China.

In recent years there has been increasing tension between locals and the growing number of mainland visitors.

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