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TANZANIA: Sakila Sunrise Lodge Arusha Will Be Operational In April

Jambo Tourism Observer,

I’m happy to know your publication.’s very impressive and I would be honored if Sakila Sunrise were featured.

We are a unique project in Tanzania. According to Responsible Tourism Tanzania, Sakila Sunrise is the first fully sustainable lodge developed here.

I thank my brilliant, young Spanish architect Jaime Espinosa for designing a lodge that recognizes the importance of sustainability, especially as we border the forest reserve of Mount Meru where maintaining the natural beauty of the environment is of upmost importance.

The gently sloping site overlooks the Rift Valley with 180 degree view as far as the eye can see, from the Tanzanite mines to the Usambara mountains to Arusha National Park and Kilimanjaro.

Behind us is majestic Meru.

Our objective has been to use locally sourced materials in construction, especially bamboo.
Jaime, a bamboo ambassador for the World Bamboo Organization, is passionate about the importance of bamboo in our eco conscious building practices.

Sakila Sunrise was designed to be an intimate lodge with guest capacity limited to 12 adults and 2 children.

However, we provide all the services of a luxury lodge.

When I fell in love with Tanzania in 2010, I knew I would do something interesting here.

Sakila Sunrise Lodge is the result of my passion for the country and its people; a chance to develop something unique, at the same time supporting the local community economically.

The site itself, which I purchased in 2012, dictated the project. Bordering the Mount Meru game reserve, with a 180 degree view over the Rift Valley as far as the eye can see including Mount Kilimanjaro.

Building ecologically and self-sustainably using environmentally friendly materials was the philosophy from day one, as well as providing our guests all the comforts of a small, luxury boutique lodge, at an affordable price.

Even a relatively “small” project is complicated, more so when building sustainably.

At Sakila Sunrise we harvest rain water that we collect and store.

The wetlands surrounding the swimming pool clean the grey water for use in our extensive gardens.

Solar panels provide all of our power for your hot showers, the laundry, and of course wifi and chargers and general electrical needs. All for a maximum guest capacity of 14.

During the next two months I will be posting updated photos before we open at the start of 2018!

The lodge consists of:

- 5 guest bungalows (sleeping 2 each)

- The Director’s Studio sleeping up to 4; perfect for families or longer stays and includes a utility kitchen.

- The Common Area provides full restaurant and bar service.

- The infinity dipping pool includes a large deck overlooking the valley.

- The outside lounge with relaxation around the open fire.

- A barbecue area.

- Large vegetable and fruit gardens.

- Support areas like laundry and sleeping facilities for your safari guides and drivers.

Located above Usa River, this particularly beautiful area is only 30 minutes from Kilimanjaro airport, and with the recently improved highway, only 15-20 minutes from Arusha.

The entrance to Arusha National Park and trailhead for Mount Meru climb are only minutes away, as is the Usa River market, and of course, you’ll want to fit into your schedule a walking safari in the adjacent forest and game reserve.

My staff and I welcome you warmly.

Our official grand opening will be at Kili Fair (June 1-3), but the lodge will be operational in April. Karibuni!

Please visit our website: I also post updated photos on my private Facebook page (Hjordis Fammestad).

Please don’t hesitate to contact me at +255752539937.


Hjordis (Mama Sakila)
Sakila Sunrise Lodge

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