Saturday 17 March 2018

UGANDA: Emirates Boeing 777 Flight Attendant Jumps Off Plane

An Emirates Boeing 777-300 was parked at the gate and was being prepared for boarding, when a flight attendant opened one of the aft doors for unknown reasons and fell out of the aircraft landing on the concrete surface of the apron.

Uganda’s Civil Aviation Authority reported an incident happened at Entebbe when a female flight attendant appeared to have opened an emergency exit and unfortunately fell off the aircraft while the aircraft was parked.

The flight attendant received serious inujuries and was taken to a hospital in critical condition.

Circumstance under which a member of the cabin crew of an Emirates aircraft fell out through the emergency door of a parked plane at Entebbe Airport today is being investigated.

She fell off an Emirates Boeing 777 flight #EK730 and was rushed to a medical facility on Entebbe road where she is in intensive care.

Uganda’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) confirmed the incident.

but while reports indicate the flight attendant was Bulgarian and has succumbed to the injuries she sustained, the official statement indicated she had been hospitalized with severe injuries.

The statement did not mention reports of an attempted suicide.

An incident happened at Entebbe International Airport this afternoon as a female member of the cabin crew appeared to have opened the emergency door and unfortunately fell off an Emirates Aircraft that had safely landed and parked, the CAA statement said.

Contrary to some social media posts, the lady is alive.

Uganda Civil Aviation Authority

An Emirates spokesperson confirmed the incident on Thursday saying: We can confirm that a member of our cabin crew unfortunately fell off from an open door while preparing the aircraft for boarding on flight EK730 from Entebbe on March 14.

The injured crew member was brought to the nearest hospital. We are providing all possible support and care for the affected crew, and will extend our full co-operation to the authorities in their investigation.

The aircraft later departed and reached Dubai with a delay of 70 minutes.

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