Saturday 3 March 2018

MALAWI: Prophet Shepherd Bushiri Goes To Mozambique On Spiritual Tour

Malawian prophet Shepherd Bushiri of the Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) early this week joined by thousands of people from across the globe on a ship cruise from South Africa to the Portuguese Island.

This is a three hour sail from Mozambique capital of Maputo.

The prophet, commonly known as Major 1, was on the cruise together with his family for his birthday celebrations but thought it wise to include prayer sessions as part of the schedule.

Over two thousand followers and well wishers decided to join their spiritual father on this annual expedition.

According to information from ECG Communications department, the people who joined the prophet did not pay their cruise fare to Major 1 or his church but straight to the company of the Cruise ship.

Major 1 and his fellow tourists traveled for three days on the ship and spent the fourth day at the Portuguese Island where they relaxed and prayed for numerous petitions ranging from personal to national.

On the tourism front, the ship cruise is of substantial benefit to the economies of both South Africa and Mozambique who benefit from a range of fees paid by the tourists, ship operators and other service providers such as accommodation, food and other consumables.

Religious tourism continues to play a great role in growing economies across the globe as many countries gain extensively through faith tourists.

Major 1 has undertaken several of these on annual basis. Previously he has visited Israel where he patronized many biblical and historical sites.

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