Saturday, 5 May 2018

KENYA: Taxify Expands To Mombasa

Taxify has launched its new high-capacity taxi service that accommodates up to six passengers in the coastal town of Mombasa, a week after unveiling it in Nairobi.

The base fare for the service dubbed TaxifyXL is set at Sh100 with each kilometre and minute priced at Sh45 and Sh5, respectively, rates that are pricier compared to Nairobi.

In Nairobi, the TaxifyXL base fare is set at Sh100 with each kilometre and minute priced at Sh40 and Sh4 respectively.

The minimum fare for the TaxifyXL in both cities is set at Sh250.

Mombasa is Kenya’s tourism hub and taxi hailing apps are popular with international travellers who may have used the service in other cities across the world.

The firm said, during launch, that the XL service would cater for a more diverse customer base like includes groups requiring larger capacity vehicles.

We have recognized that as our customer base expands people are now moving to a point where they want vehicles that can carry more than four passengers at a go, said Taxify head of Kenya operations Chisom Anoke.

Taxify has launched a motorbike hailing service as it moves to tap into the mode of transportation popular for its convenience in Nairobi.

The new Taxify Boda service has a minimum fare of Sh50 per trip.

For longer journeys, users will be required to pay Sh30 base fare, Sh15 per kilometre and Sh3 per minute.

Taxify Kenya Operations Manager, Chisom Anoke, said that the firm had developed the new service in response to a growing demand for safe, organised and reliable motorbike services.

Rising use of motorcycle riders for public passenger transport is a reality that we have to live with particularly in Nairobi where traffic jams and clogged roads delay movement.

Mr Anoke said that by providing a smartphone application linking passengers to motorcycle riders, Taxify Boda is contributing to the overall structuring of the informal transport economy, estimated to already ferry at least 10,000 people daily in Nairobi alone.

We want to help the motorcycle drivers formalise their businesses by providing them with a platform to track trips, earnings and even plan for personal development initiatives such a saving with a sacco.

Since they are already trying to establish formal groupings, Taxify Boda will greatly raise their operational focus and even eventually make it easier for them to afford to purchase new motor cycles, Mr Anoke said.

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