Wednesday, 19 July 2017

OMAN: Salalah Tourism Festival More Visitors Than Last Year, Ooredoo Introduces 5G Network

Ooredoo, a leader in Oman’s telecom sector, is conducting a demo of its 1.2Gbps speed network at the Salalah Tourism Festival, as a proof of it is continuous efforts to be ready for 5G.

This demo kicks off the highly anticipated Road to 5G in Oman, offering wireless internet of the highest quality at lightning speeds, and provides Salalah’s hundreds of thousands of visitors this Khareef with access to the network of the future, the company said.

Ooredoo’s network in Salalah will give customers the ultimate speed for enjoying the internet and staying connected, it added.

The demonstrated internet speeds set a new benchmark for rapid network service in the region, it said.

As a result of the new upgrade, visitors in Salalah will be able to download a full length movie in just two minutes and stream music, their favourite TV episodes, or play games with greater ease than ever before, the company said

Sixty-three days of fun have begun at the Salalah Tourism Festival 2017 under the slogan “Oman prosperity and development”.

A total of 43,993 people visited Dhofar since the beginning of Khareef Festival until last weekend, according to latest statistics from the Ministry of Tourism. During the same period last year 36,197 visitors had visited Dhofar.

The ministry also stated that temperatures in Salalah over the weekend ranged between 25 to 28 degrees Celsius.

This year’s programme includes a variety of activities in various religious aspects economic, cultural, heritage, social, sports, artistic and entertainment. Theatre performances will be hosted as well as traditional arts and crafts from 35 different countries.

Most of the events will take place at the Municipal Entertainment Centre, which houses several theatres exhibition halls, a traditional village and a children’s village.

The Salalah Tourism Festival contributes to the revitalisation of tourism in the autumn season which attracts family tourism from all governorates of the Sultanate and GCC countries.

Official and civil authorities are prepared for the success of the tourist season this year and to receive visitors to the province and provide all facilities and services that meet the needs of tourists.

The festival will end on the 31st of August 2017.

The number of visitors to Salalah during the first three weeks of Khareef Season that began on June 21 saw a decline of 16.7 per cent compared with the same period in 2016, according to statistics released by the National Centre for Statistics and Information (NCSI).

Total visitors number fell to 21,110 as on July 11, compared to 51,776 during the same period last year NCSI statistics shows that as many as 7,231 people reached Salalah by air as against 13,879 who arrived by road.

Giving a break-up of the number of visitors by air, the report says that the majority of them – 5,341 – arrived on domestic flight, while international carriers brought in 1,890 visitors.

However, compared to last year, the arrival by airlines showed a 20.1 per cent increase compared to a decline of 27.8 per cent of visitors who arrived by land route.

Significantly, there was a fall in the rate of visitors until the third week of the season compared with the same period in 2016.

Of the total number of visitors, 17,908 were from GCC nations compared to 28,658 in 2016.

Visitors from Asian countries fell to 1,884 compared to 20,413 in 2016, while those from other Arab countries declined to 973 against 2,148 last year.

There were 223 visitors from European countries compared to 340 in 2016 and 122 visitors from other nations till the third week of season compared to 217 last year, according to the NCSI data.

Of the total number of visitors, 14,628 were Oman residents, while 6,482 arrived from other nations. The Visitors Survey, which started on June 21 will continue till September 21, 2017.

The survey is being carried out for the 14th successive year, in cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism and Royal Oman Police.

The project aims at identifying the size of local and foreign tourism during the Khareef season and decide the growth trends during the past periods.

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