Monday, 10 July 2017

VIETNAM: American Tourist Body Found In Hoi An, Australian Tourist Committed Suicide In Ha Long Bay

Initial investigations suggest an American tourist committed suicide.

Police in the tourist draw town of Hoi An in central Vietnam discovered the body of an American tourist in a hostel on Wednesday.

The dead man has been identified as a 31-year-old American, but his name has yet to be disclosed.

Police were alerted after locals reported a stench coming from a hostel room on Tran Nhan Tong Street, and subsequently discovered the decomposing body of a male foreigner.

Investigators are treating the death as a suicide.

“The victim had been staying at the hostel since 2016," Colonel Dinh Xuan Nghi, the chief of the Hoi An's police force, said. "During that time, he wrote a suicide note and asked the landlord to send it to his relatives in the U.S.”

Further investigations are underway.

Earlier this year, an Australian tourist also committed suicide in Ha Long Bay. Stephen John Scott, 54, reportedly jumped off an anchored cruiser with his legs tied to a heavy dumbbell while visiting the popular tourism destination in February.

Meanwhile, Local police concluded that the tourist tied himself to a dumbbell and jumped to his death.

An Australian who was found dead in Vietnam’s Ha Long Bay on Monday had committed suicide, police in Quang Ninh Province said on Tuesday.

54-year-old Stephen John Scott reportedly jumped off an anchored cruiser at 9 a.m. after his fellow travelers had left to visit a nearby island.

An investigation found that at 8 a.m., Scott and British tourist Janet Kennerley stayed on the boat when the other 14 guests left to visit the 'Amazing Cave'.

At about 8:30 a.m., Kennerley and the other six crew members on the boat heard a loud splash.

At 1 p.m., the Australian was found dead near an island in the bay.

Authorities said that Scott's legs had been tied to a heavy dumbbell, and concluded he had committed suicide.

The crew members confirmed both the dumbbell and the rope were from the boat.

Ha Long Bay, a UNESCO heritage site, is a popular destination for foreign visitors in Vietnam. Around 3.5 million foreigners visited the bay last year.
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