Wednesday, 25 April 2018

GERMANY: Lufthansa Flight LH428 In Emergency Landing

Lufthansa LH428 non stop flight from Munich, Germany to Charlotte Douglas International Airport, North Carolina, USA took off Sunday at 12.40h Munich time.

The captain of the Lufthansa Airbus 330-343 declared an emergency when approaching Irish Airspace and turned around.

The flight was diverted to Glasgow due to an unknown emergency.

The plane lowered altitude to 15,000 feet and stayed at this altitude bypassing Glasgow, bypassing Birmingham, crossing over to the Netherland, Belgium and just crossed back into German airspace at 15.57 German time – all keeping a low altitude of 15,000 feet, less than 5000 meters.

Lufthansa Public Relations shortly after LH428 was in emergency mode.

LH428 was approaching Munich at 16.25 and Lufthansa putting an end to the mystery around this fight.

Lufthansa flight LH428 en route from Munich to Charlotte had to return to Munich today as a purely precautionary measure due to a momentary unusual smell in the cabin.

The safety on board was not impacted at any time.

Lufthansa regrets any inconvenience caused and will provide an alternative aircraft that will fly the passengers to Charlotte tomorrow.

The safety of our passengers and crew members is our top priority at all times.

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