Monday, 30 April 2018

INDIA: Jet Airways Hostess Protects And Saves Baby From Accident At Mumbai Airport

Airline crew are trained to save lives in any onboard emergency.

Jet Airways air hostess Mitanshi Vaidya did just that on the ground when she threw herself on the ground at an airport to protect a toddler who had accidentally fallen from his mother’s arms.

While she fell flat on her face, she managed to reach out her arms to the baby to ensure that he did not hit the ground and remained safe.

This good samaritan act was witnessed at Mumbai airport last month when a woman was flying with her less than a year-old baby to Ahmedabad.

After completing check-in formalities and while approaching the security check counter, the baby accidentally slipped from the mother’s arms.

Fortunately one young girl a Jet air hostess Mitanshi Vaidya saved the 10 month old baby boy from this accident.

The Jet air hostess without worrying about her life helped me and just jumped and caught my son the mother of the baby said.

She also suffered injuries in her face in the process, and may have also received a permanent scar on her nose.

The mother Gulafa Shaikh, who is the MD of a private company, has written to Jet Airways while thanking the air hostess who saved her baby.

Shaikh was travelling by another private airline.
Jet Airways confirmed this act of Mitanshi Vaidya, where she did not even worry about getting a scar on her face that might have affected her job as an air hostess.

We are very proud of Mitanshi, who has been working as a cabin crew with us since June 2016.

She is trained on the Boeing 737 aircraft, a Jet Airways senior official said.

The mothers letter says: I asked for her mobile number but the innocent girl just smiled and said it’s against company policy. She is an angel for me. I had my child after 14 years of marriage and she saved my child.

I wanted to thank her in anyway but she refused to take anything and just said ‘duaon mein yaad rakhna or remember me in your prayers.

The Hostess Mitanshi Vaidya then proceeded to operate on her flight after getting first aid.

Vaidya’s acrobatic leap may have been enabled by the fact that she is taking Judo classes.

She is a fun loving girl, passionate about singing and dancing, the Jet official said.

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