Monday, 13 August 2018

THAILAND: Elephant Tramples Man To Death

A wild elephant in Loei Province invading a farming area to eat the crop spotted a Phu Luang Widlife Sanctuary officer and attacked him on Saturday, resulting in the man’s death.

The elephant had been coming to eat the people’s crops for several days.

During that time, Phaisarn Patthum aged 53, an officer of the sanctuary came to take his turn after another officer had been looking after the elephant for four days.

While Phaisarn and other officers were tracking it, the elephant saw him and ran to attack him.

The man ran to get away from it, but tripped and fell, so the elephant was able to catch up and stamp on him, resulting in serious injuries; it then walked away.

The officers at the scene promptly took their injured colleague to Wang Saphung Hospital, but tragically he died soon after.

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