Friday, 22 June 2018

AUSTRIA: Amedia Hotel Chain Conquers Munich

The expansion of the Austrian Amedia Group will continue apace in 2018.

The already existing 22 hotels was joined by a 143 room hotel in Munich Schwabing from 01 February 2018, contracts for Munich Dachau with 200 rooms, Speyer with 100 rooms, Essen with 100 rooms and Linz with 97 rooms have been signed.

As hotel developer Udo M. Chistee announces, the product Amedia & Amedia Luxury Suites is very well received by the market and he expects the total portfolio to grow to 50 hotels in and around Austria by 2020.

The company AMEDIA

The Amedia Hotel GmbH, based in Wels, is a subsidiary of ahc int. Consulting ag - a public limited company under Austrian law.

The sole shareholder and CEO is Udo M. Chistee. Based on his experience, the new hotel product AMEDIA HOTEL was developed in 2008.

Product portfolio

The product line of the Welser Amedia Group ranges from the 3-star to the 5-star segment in Austria, Germany, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic:

- 2 x AMEDIA Express (Sattledtimoorfleet)

- 17 x AMEDIA Classic (Amsterdam-I, Berlin-I, Dresden-I2x, Frankfurt-I, Graz- I2x, Hamburg-I, Passau-I, Prag-I2x, Salzburg-I, Weiden-I, Wels-I, Wien-I, Werther-I, Zwickau)

- 2 AMEDIA Plaza (DresdenISchwerin)

- 1 AMEDIA Luxury Suites (Graz)

Press contact:

Amedia Hotel GmbH
Adlerstrasse 1
4600 Wels

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