Friday 29 June 2018

RUSSIA: Yekaterinburg Man Who Beat Up A Swedish Football Fan Arrested

Police officers have identified and detained the suspect in attacking a Swedish fan after the game Sweden-Mexico in Yekaterinburg.

Sverdlovsk expert in law enforcement familiar with the events around the Mundial said.

According to the source, today at around 7.00 pm, officers of the Criminal Investigation Department of the MIA Directorate in the Sverdlovsk region and their colleagues from the police department No. 5 managed to identify and detain a previously convicted resident of Yekaterinburg, born in 1989, as part of investigative measures.

The details of the incident have become known.

It happened after the match at the exit from the café, where the Swedish fan accidentally ran into the man from Yekaterinburg and spilled some beer on him.

It was due to this, and not due to sports or other differences, that gave rise to the mutual dislike.

As a result, the Russian hit the Swede several times and fled the scene.

It is important to note that the incident occurred outside the stadium. The police have not allowed a single incident over the period of all four matches at the Yekaterinburg Arena.

The detainee has fully admitted his guilt, made a confession, and repented.

He is ready to sincerely apologize to the injured man, but the latter has already left Yekaterinburg without filing a report with the police.

The materials of the case and the detainee himself have been referred to the Investigative Committee for further interrogation.

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