Wednesday 27 June 2018

SUDAN: Air Serv Begins Flights In Sudan

Air Serv has deployed an aircraft to Khartoum, Sudan to support efforts assisting displaced people who have been forced from their homes due to drought and conflict.

In addition to surges in violence, affected populations are also threatened by crisis level food insecurity.

While aid worker access to communities has improved since the lifting of U.S. sanctions last October, it still remains significantly restricted and is further hindered by limited road travel outside of Khartoum.

The Grand Caravan departed on June 7 from Entebbe for Khartoum, where it will be based along with a crew of two pilots, an engineer, and a base manager.

Providing transport for relief agencies working in the region, the Khartoum operation is a short term program with a likelihood of extension.

Needs will be reevaluated in approximately two months to determine whether continued service will be required.

Of the newest addition to Air Serv’s operations, CEO Stu Willcuts says: As long as our services are needed, we will continue working and responding to challenging situations in difficult places.

With a fleet of six Cessna Caravans, Air Serv specializes in last mile air transportation in support of humanitarian programs.

In addition to charter, facilities, maintenance, and consulting services, Air Serv is dedicated to providing response capabilities for organizations operating in disaster areas.

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