Friday 29 June 2018

JAPAN: Thousands Stranded And Dissapointed After Airbnb Japan Cancellations

Thousands of travellers to the Land of the Rising Sun found their itineraries affected when Airbnb Japan was forced to cancel countless reservations scheduled between June 15 and 19 at the behest of a sudden announcement from the Japan Tourism Agency.

The push came as hosts were racing to license their properties ahead of changing legislation, which came into place on June 15.

All those without the permit – totalling 80 per cent of Airbnb Japan’s listings, were required to delist their properties and cancel bookings, even if the licence had already been applied for.

We are incredibly sorry about this, we know it stinks, said the home-sharing company, in a statement, which offered a full refund and a US$100 coupon to all those affected.

It also set up a US$10 million support fund to cover additional expenses incurred.

Needless to say, social-media users took to their preferred platforms to air their grievances.

Tourism Observer

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