Monday 21 August 2017

CHINA: 200 Piglets Escape From Accident Lorry Police Called To Arrest Them

Hundreds of animals run loose in tunnel after vehicle that was transporting them overturned.

Traffic police in Guizhou in southwest China had an exhausting time rounding up 200 piglets that escaped from a lorry following an accident last week.

The incident happened at 3pm on August 17 after the piglets escaped from a truck which overturned in a road tunnel after its tyre exploded on a highway in Sitang township in Sinan county.

Traffic police at Sinan station were later alerted by other drivers at the scene and officers were sent to clear the way.

Police had to chase after the escaped piglets and round them up.

A video footage, which was captured by onlookers, showed the pigs running all over the highway and causing queues of vehicles to build up.

Traffic police and other drivers spent one hour collecting the pigs and loading them on to another truck to clear the way, according to the report.

It took more than an hour to collect all the piglets.

It was not clear if the overturned truck had caused any injuries and the report did not give further details on the cause of the accident.

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