Monday 28 August 2017

RWANDA: Traditional Songs And Dances Portray Rwandan Culture

Intore Dance Rwanda
As the Rwandan traditional dances have attracted the rest of the world for its unique format whereby people dance using all parties of the body. Here are the lists of some of the cultural dancing troops formed to portray people’s festivity.

- Inganzo Ngari Dancing troop

- Inyamibwa Dance troop

- National Ballet/Urukerereza Dance troop

- Urugangazi Dance troop

- Indangamuco ballet/at Huye

Music has always played an important role in civil, economic and social life of any country. Music and dances embellish political and social events in happiness and in sad time. Songs and dances go together with anniversaries and weddings ceremonies and political events.

Rwandan songs and dances are special in narrating history and culture of the country. For instance Intore dance is a performance that demonstrates traditional epic acts and bravery activities of Rwandans in ancient period since intore simply means “dance of heroes” and these kinds of performance was mainly created to celebrate battle fields’s victory.

Apart from Intore dances, other kinds of music like amahigi is a form of melody dedicated to hunting activities. Amahamba and amazina y’Inka is another form of Rwanda lyric poesy honoring economic and social importance of cows in Rwanda.

5/8 melody and hand claps differentiate Rwandan music with other African melodies.

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